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Wilson is one of a group of counties which form the bottom of the great Silurian basin of Middle Tennessee. The surface of the land is rolling and varied with plateaus, hills and valleys, and is often picturesque. The surface is on an average elevation of between 500 and 600 feet above the level of the sea, while Jenning's Knob, six miles southeast of Lebanon is the highest elevation in the county, rising to a height of 1,221 feet above the sea level.

The lands are based generally on limestone which occur in successive layers nearly horizontal in position, and have a vertical thickness, from the lowest exposed to the highest in the hills, inclusive of about 900 feet. A number of high hills and ridges in the eastern and southeastern part of the county are capped with a stratum of flinty material beneath which is a layer of slate. The limestone belong to the group of formations known to geologists as lower Silurian, the upper part embracing some 500 feet of layers pertaining to the Nashville formation (Cincinnati) and the lower part to the Lebanon (Trenton); as the town of Lebanon rests upon some of its layers. The rocks of the former division are seen on the slopes of the hills and ridges, while those of the latter outcrop on lower grounds and in the valleys. There is an abundance of rocks in the county consisting of varieties of blue limestone and sandstone, much of which is suitable for building purposes.

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